Certified Translations

We offer accredited translations so you can meet your clients’ requirements

Many organizations require a translation to be certified before a particular document is accepted as valid. A certified translation requires a registered translator´s signature and seal as well as its corresponding certification. If you need your translation to be legally valid, we will give you a quality -driven service including document certification accredited by the Sworn Translators´ Association of the City of Buenos Aires, a member of the (IFT) International Federation of Translators.

Technical & Scientific Translations

Technical solutions to help you expand to new markets

Technical translations not only require great knowledge of languages and translation techniques but also a vast amount of knowledge in the specific field of work.
We create and develop terminology databases and style guides that allow us to uphold texts to the expected level of accuracy.

Some areas in the technical and scientific fields we specialize in, include

  • Medication Guides
  • Import and Export Certificates
  • Automotive, heavy equipment, agricultural machinery, aviation, and other highly specialized fields
  • ISO compliance manuals
  • Manufacturing procedure manuals
  • Technical specification documents

On Demand Translations

Excellent On Demand Service

Many translations need to be urgently submitted and deadlines cannot be delayed. Should a case like this arise, our clients can depend on our On Demand Service, available in any language.

Do not hesitate to contact ZITO TRANSLATIONS; we can adapt to your needs and according to your deadline an exact date will be set allowing you to accomplish government, private or corporate requirements.


Fast Delivery

We can provide support in various languages on the same day.


We deliver a fast service with the same standards as regular delivery timelines.

Best Price

The price will never be an issue for you anymore.

On-Line suport

You will have an assigned Project Manager 24/7.

Proofreading and Editing

Quality Assurance guaranteed in every language and scenario

All our projects undergo a reception analysis, translation process, editing and final proofreading process at no extra cost. This final stage of our proven work process guarantees real Quality Assurance allowing us to deliver a flawless translation to all our clients.

Editing from other sources

Our proofreading and editing service is also applied to previously translated texts. Whether you have been assisted by another translator, agency, your personal employee or friend we offer you the exclusive Editing Service available in any language.

The most accurate, consistent, reliable and grammatically clean translation is possible.

Before sending an email, corporate information or curriculum vitae most of our clients choose our proofreading and editing service. In this process, their text undergoes a thorough review of accuracy, punctuation, style and content coherence that is essential to convey a correct message.

Our clients find the editing service fast and effective allowing them to maintain a serious corporate image.

Do not take the risk of sending or publishing a document that may still require a double check to be 100% true and accurate

Having to reprint, republish o redistribute a text is expensive and time wasting and it can damage your image in your target market. Be sure that ZITO TRANSLATIONS will furnish that extra assurance you need before sending your material.


Transcreation versus Translation: What’s the difference?

Transcreation, as the word describes it, requires a bit of translation and a bit of creation. It takes into account cultural differences, demographics of the target audience and can include suggestions and a general assessment about the acceptance of a piece of content in the target market.

Our transcreation services are ideal for advertising, communications & marketing content, as well as surveys and other interactive pieces where crystal clear understanding of the message by the target audience is essential.

Multilingual Media

Multilingual media for greater outreach

We are living in a multi media, cross platform world and being able to upload multimedia content on the internet allowing it to be seen worldwide means we are enabling greater outreach.
At Zito Translations  we offer online video/audio transcription and subtitling services in any industry. Our audio transcribing services team consists of professionally-trained employees who are striving for the best results. Since we do not resort to computer speech recognition, everything is transcribed by humans using modern transcription programs.

Our Multimedia Services include

  • Voice Over
  • Dubbing
  • Subtitling
  • Audio recording
  • e-Learning courses and interactive media translations
  • Gaming
  • Mobile Apps

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